Reduce Cosmetics Packaging Waste


The first step to sustainability.

Reduced packaging entails packaging that cuts down on the actual packaging as a whole.

There are a few ways to consume products with reduced packaging, with the most effective way of being package-free, also known as zero-waste packaging.

Zero-Waste Packaging

Zero-waste packaging refers to packaging that doesn't create any waste. This can come in the form of package-free cosmetics such as bar soaps, shampoos, and deodorants.


 Taking it a step further, it also refers to a system of packaging where all materials are reused, recycled, or are utilised in a way such that no products are wasted. This can be done through repurposing and reusing

Zero Waste Bar Soap
Zero Waste Refill Soap Packet

Minimal Packaging 

Find products that fulfill the same purpose but with less packaging!


Rather than buying a new shampoo or soap bottle each time, get a refill pouch instead. The amount of plastic consumed is much less, but you still get the same product.

Zero Waste Soap Cosmetics Refill Pack
Body Care

Soap Refills

You can find refill pouches for soaps at convenience stores and supermarkets, or online

e-commerce sites.  

Zero Waste Refill Shampoo Cosmetics Packaging
Hair Care

Shampoo Refills

Shampoo refills are also readily available at supermarkets, convenience stores, and

e-commerce sites. 

Makeup Refills Zero Waste

Compact Refills

There are several beauty brands that sell cushion refills such as innisfree! Rather than purchasing a new cushion, get a refill pack instead. 

Refuse Cosmetics Packaging BYOB


Ultimately, the most effective way to reduce packaging consumption is by buying less. 


Buy what you need and make sustainability a habit rather than a trend.

You can also do your part by refusing the excessive packaging that comes with a product. 

Zero Waste Bar Soap

Where can I purchase Cosmetics with reduced or zero-waste packaging?

Head down to shops like these to check out cosmetics like bar soaps, shampoos, and deodorants.