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Other sustainable options.

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Online stores

Bamboo Straw Girl

Shop affordable deodorant bars online and more

with zero waste/low-impact packaging.

Order your toothpaste tablets online and

experience the fun of chewing your toothpaste while saving waste.


Environmentally-friendly hair and scalp care products made available in refill packets.

Earthly Singapore

Find green alternatives that replace daily conventional plastic products.


Check them out for handsoap tablets that are not only environmentally friendly but also cheaper than your average handsoap.

My Naked Bar

Find a range of bar soaps readily available at My Naked Bar.


Surprise your friends with a customisable soap bar.

The Clean Attempt 

Besides bar soaps, shampoos and lotions,

shaving bars are available as well.  

Trove of Gaia 

Check them out for bar lotions, soaps,

and other sustainable beauty tools.


Your Sustainable Store

From hair care to body care to makeup,

Your Sustainable Store covers it all.

Zero Yero

Besides their sustainable tools, be sure to check out their sunscreen which comes in sugarcane packaging.

Physical stores

Supermarkets and Convenience stores

Places like NTUC, Mustafa, Watsons

usually sell bar items or refill pouches. 

Do keep a lookout for them!


Makeup Retailers

Retailers like Sephora offers refill options for

lipsticks, eye shadow, foundations, etc. 

Go for refillable options to reduce waste!


Beauty Market Places

Buy second-hand cosmetic products or get freebies

on online market places and freecycling groups, such as:

Facebook Market Place

Beauty Pantry Telegram Channel


susGain App

Earn cashback for every purchase made through the susGain app

and susGain will donate an equal amount to a charity of your choice.

 Download Singapore's rewards app for you, the planet and the community today.