About Us

Bin There, Done That is a student-run campaign that advocates for sustainable cosmetic packaging. Through the acts of reducing, reusing, and recycling, we aim to reduce the amount of cosmetic packaging waste generated in Singapore.

We found that the lack of awareness, knowledge, and knowing how to start were the main factors stopping people from engaging in the 3Rs.


As such, we aim to bridge the say-do gap through a sustainability journey that consumers can embark on. 

The Problem

The amount of cosmetic packaging produced has been on the rise, from 142 billion units produced in 2015 to 150 billion units produced in 2019. 

In Singapore, the tremendous amount of packaging waste combined with the irreversible environmental impacts and lack of awareness around the issue makes cosmetics packaging waste a consequential problem. 


Without proper steps to reduce cosmetic packaging waste, Singapore would run out of landfill space, and the environmental impacts would affect our health, food security and water resources in the near future.

Bin There, Done That Logo

Why Bin There, Done That

Journey beyond the bin

Bin There, Done That was derived from the phrase ‘been there done that’ which means something that has been done or experienced before.


By playing on the word ‘bin’, the message we are trying to convey is that rather than just throwing our waste and aiming for a litter-free community, what we should work towards is how else we can dispose of our waste that is more sustainable for the environment. This is where the notion of reduce, reuse and recycle comes in.